Flashes of romance in life that sometimes are overlooked



Romance is all around us. Everyday we love and hate. We have romantic encounters that touch us deeper than others. We have dreams and we seek bliss. This is a collection from many writers for all readers who want to think about brief special connections in life.

He rolled over and smiled when he saw she was lightly sleeping with a cute expression on her face...she stired, he laughed and said MORNING ducky, was I in that dream?

He blew her a kiss...saying thank you...it flew down the street, and right before it landed she shut the door. Through the window he could see she was laughing.

Is she looking at me? I think I saw a glance. It was not just any glance. She is with that great looking guy. She couldn't be looking at me. Crap now he saw me looking at her. Now he is coming over. Shit what do I do? Excuse me, but were you looking at her? Umm No! Well that is my sister and she to embarresed to come over here. Her name is Shannon. Would you like to meet her?

tinyWill she show? I don't know. She seemed like she liked me. I thought we hit it off., but I don't know, maybe she was just being nice. What will I do if she does not show? Call her? Maybe I called to soon. You know three day rule and all. I am a dope. Why would she be interested in me? Then a tap on the back of his arm, he turned, and she smiled. Then with a little hop in the air, she said "Hi!"

love We're always in love with someone, and we always hate someone just as much, however deep down we want to love the ones we hate. His frown went away as he watched his ex-girlfriend. The hate went away when he saw the way they looked at each other.

Over and over he thought of her words. Every moment passing is spent pondering over her. Right now, however, her recent message laid strong. What did she mean, “The sun shines brightest for those willing to grow?” He then paid cash for the pot of bright orange Gerber Daisies and left the store.

Five years of glances at each other. Comfort is found when each has spotted the other for the day. No smiles, no contact, just glances; Once in the moring and once at the end of the day. Nothing has ever been said, except an occasional excuse me when we get in the way of one another in passing. It's a stand off. Both of us have a past. Both of us have a complicated present. Both of us are missing something in our lives. Both have love. Both want change. Both know the pain would be greater than the reward of change. We should forget each other and go on our seperate paths, but we can't...the glances will go on until one day they don't.... He bought another monthly train pass that afternoon.

She looked over when he said, "Relax we are young, there's plenty of time, no need for all these hard decisions." Inside she was worried, but she was also happy because his words made her feel comfortable. They were together right now and that was all that mattered. She smiled, sat back in her seat to watch the movie and hold his hand.

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